1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

Unit Identification

1Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Badge

   “Ever vigilant”  

1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) is an Army Regular Force formation of 3rd Canadian Division and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our mission is:  “1 CMBG will generate, employ and sustain combined-arms combat forces for operations in the service of Canada.”    

Our vision statement is:  “1 CMBG is ready to fight and win on the modern battlefield.  Rapidly deployable, decisive and aggressive, 1 CMBG soldiers are flexible in mind and action, mentally and physically resilient and relentless in the pursuit of excellence.  Intelligent, tough and compassionate, our actions are always beyond reproach, serving as an example to all with whom we interact.  We accomplish the mission and take care of one another and our families, always putting service before self. ” 


Command Team

1 CMBG Commander


Colonel W.H. Fletcher

Chief Warrant Officer W. Crabb

Sergeant Major
Chief Warrant Officer W. Crabb

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1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group has traditions which date back to May 1911, when the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade was allocated to the 1st Division of the Non-Permanent Active Militia. Even before that date the 1st Brigade had existed independently as a formation of the Canadian Militia.

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1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters
Building 400, Italy Crescent
PO Box 10500 Station Forces
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4J5


Canadian Army Soldiers Continue to Support Operation REASSURANCE

August 22, 2016 – Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces
August 26, 2016

live-fire exercise

Troops depart for Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine

Media are invited to attend the departure of Canadian Army soldiers deploying to Ukraine as part of Operation UNIFIER. Approximately 30 soldiers from the 3rd Canadian Division will be departing early in the morning, August 4,  from the Executive Flight Centre in Edmonton.
August 3, 2016

Mine training

Western Canadian soldiers prepare to deploy to Ukraine

Throughout late June, roughly 200 soldiers from Western Canada are completing pre-deployment training in Shilo, Manitoba, in preparation for Operation UNIFIER Rotation (Roto) 2.
June 30, 2016

Canadian Army set to commence their largest and most complex exercise of 2016

As part of contributions to the operational readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), over 6000 CAF personnel will participate in Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2016, the Canadian Army’s largest and most complex training event of the year. Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE will take place in Wainwright, Alberta, from May 23 to June 6, 2016.
May 18, 2016

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