3rd Canadian Division Training Centre History

Wainwright is the primary training location for 3 CDTC and home to the headquarters, two training companies (Alpha and Bravo) and the Administration Company.  Some of the courses conducted in Wainwright include:

  • Developmental Period 1 – Infantry (DP1-Inf) which prepares new infantry soldiers for the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI),The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) and 3rd Cdn Div Primary Reserve infantry units; 
  •  Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) course which develops future leaders for the Canadian Army; and 
  • The Bold Eagle Program, a successful Aboriginal youth program offered in partnership with various aboriginal groups from western Canada and north-western Ontario.

Charlie Company, located in Shilo, was previously a training centre for the Royal Canadian Artillery.  Their role has expanded in recent years and they currently conduct PLQ Army, DP1-Inf, Basic Military Qualification – Land (BMQ-L), in addition to conducting Primary Reserve artillery training for the Division. 

Delta Company, located in Edmonton, specializes in Combat Service Support training and primarily conducts driver courses for the Division as well as  BMQ-L.

3 CDTC’s primary location in Wainwright can trace its origins to the Second World War with the establishment of a warttime ammunition and training facility and a prisoner of war camp.  Following the war, the Base became a key training location for Canada’s Army. 

  • In 1974, the First Canadian Mechanized Brigade Operational Training Detachment was established at Camp Wainwright, which later became the PPCLI Battle School in 1984.  In 1997, Canadian Forces Base Wainwright and the Battle School were joined to form the Western Area Training Centre (WATC). 
  • In 2005, the Training Centre was separated from the Base and renamed the Land Force Western Area Training Centre (LFWA TC).  In 2013, as part of the re-introduction of the traditional names for many Canadian Army units, LFWA TC became known as the 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre.  Despite the many name changes over the years, our mission has remained the same:  training warriors for the Canadian Army.


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