34 Signal Regiment

Unit Identification

34 Communications Regiment Badge

“Victory through communications” 

Who We Are

The 34 Signal Regiment is an Army Reserve unit belonging to the 34th Canadian Brigade Group (34 CBG) and is based in Westmount, Qc. Its mission is to provide rapid and secure information technology services in operational support of the other units within the 34 CBG, providing commanders with effective command and control capabilities over their troops.

To accomplish its mission, the 34 Signal Regiment operates modern military telecommunications systems, including secure digital Very High Frequenct and High Frequency radio systems, computer networks, land based satellite telecommunication systems and fibre optic and copper wire line systems.

The unit is composed of Signal Officers and Army Communications and Information Systems Specialists, supported by a team of Logistics Officers, Clerks and Supply Technicians. Our members originate from a wide variety of backgrounds: professionals, students, civil servants, technicians, entrepreneurs and academics. The diversity of their experiences and expertise contributes significantly to the successful fulfillment of our mission.

Our History

The first signals unit in Montreal, the "4th Signal Company, Canadian Corps of Signals", was founded 1 January 1921 and comprised 55 members, including 9 officers and 46 Non-commissioned members. In early 1930, the status of the unit changed and it became the "4th Divisional Signals, Canadian Corps of Signals", a unit comprising a Headquarters and three companies.

In March 1950, the 2nd Corps Signal Regiment Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (R.C.C.S.) became the 10th Signal Regiment R.C.C.S. and the 4th Infantry Divisional Signals Regiment R.C.C.S. became the 4th Signal Regiment R.C.C.S. At the end of 1954, the two units were amalgamated to form the "11th Signals Regiment R.C.C.S".

The 11th Signals Regiment R.C.C.S. was renamed the "15th Independent Squadron R.C.C.S." in 1965; following the unification and reorganization of the Canadian Forces, it became, on April 1st 1970, the "712 (Montreal) Communication Squadron". On May 8th 1976, the "712 (Montreal) Communication Squadron" officially changed the royal Corps of signals representative insignia at an official parade, adopting the new communication and electronics Branch insignia.

In October 2010, the “712 (Montreal) Communication Squadron” is officially renamed the 34 Signal Regiment.


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34 Signal Regiment
4625 St-Catherine St. W
Westmount, QC, H3Z 1S4

Phone: 514-496-1712
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