39 Canadian Brigade Group

Badge and Motto

38 Canadian Brigade Group Badge

Splendour without diminishment” 


39 CBG Commander

Colonel Matthew Haussmann

Brigade Sergeant Major

39 CBG Sergeant Major

Chief Warrant Officer
Mark Arden


39 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters
4050 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6R 1P6

Phone: (604) 225-2520

39 Canadian Brigade Group soldiers in action

Members of 39 Signal Regiment work quickly to secure a communications tent during an unexpected storm at the Orchard Combat Training Center, Idaho, USA, during an exercise.

Who We Are

39 Canadian Brigade Group is an Army Reserve Formation of 3rd Canadian Division. The brigade represents the Army in British Columbia and is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.

The Brigade maintains Reserve combat arms, engineer, and combat service support in readiness for domestic and expeditionary operations. Brigade soldiers have served in UN and NATO missions throughout the world, including the Middle East, Croatia and Bosnia. More than 800 of our soldiers have deployed to Afghanistan since 2006. At home, our soldiers were deployed to fight the 1997 Manitoba Flood and 2003 Kelowna Fires. More than 250 Reserve soldiers deployed at home for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Brigade consists of 11 Army Reserve units represented in communities throughout the province. From Vancouver Island to Metro Vancouver, the Interior, Okanagan, Kootneys and Northern B.C., the sailors, soldiers, and airmen and airwomen of 39 CBG live and work in the communities they serve in.

39 Canadian Brigade Group is dedicated to constant readiness for both domestic and international operations. The Brigade’s soldiers are trained, tested and re-qualified to prepare for adverse situations including: earthquake response, emergency bridging, fighting floods and fires and modern warfare in Canadian missions. 39 Brigade soldiers are also expected to operate in hostile environments ranging from urban operations to winter, wilderness and mountainous areas.


Our History

39 CBG was established in March 1997 replacing the previously-titled British Columbia Militia District. Some of the 11 units that belong to 39 Brigade were formed as early as 1883, such as The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). These militia units were primarily formed for national defence. Most of the units fought in the First and Second World Wars and provided domestic assistance at home. 39 Canadian Brigade Group provided personnel for many United Nations missions such as Cyprus (UNFICYP), Egypt (UNEF II) 1973–79, Golan Heights (UNDOF) 1974–present and the former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) 1992–1993. Since 2006, the Brigade has been contributing individual officers and soldiers to the Canadian missions in Afghanistan.