6th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA

Unit Identification

Royal Canadian Artillery badge


 “Whither right and glory lead”


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1506, Ave des Affaires
Québec, QC  G3J 1Y8


10 Rue de l'Arsenal,
Lévis, QC  G6V 4P6


194 Ave de la Gare,
Montmagny, QC  G5V 2T6

6th Field Artillery Regiment building

6th Field Artillery Regiment building

Join Our Team

Please do not hesitate to call us for more information. We would be pleased to review your resume, and have you visit us for a tour of our unit.

Our Team Recruiter

Name: Sgt Beaulieu
Phone: 418-844-5000, Ext. 2410
Phone: 418-573-6720

Or contact

Phone: 1-800-856-8488
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When We Train

September to May:

  • Tuesday evening
  • 7 pm to 10 pm
  • two weekends a month (Friday night to Sunday)

May to August: Full time employment for the summer period.

Trades In Our Unit




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Who We Are

The 6th Field Artillery Regiment, is a field artillery regiment of the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Army and Canadian Armed Forces. It is part of 35 Canadian Brigade Group in the 2nd Canadian Division. Its headquarters is located in Lévis, Quebec. The regiment is composed primarily of members from different batteries in the regions of Lévis, Montmagny and Val-Belair, and has a total authorized strength of 335.

The 6th Field Artillery Regiment consists of four Batteries. The 57th Battery surveillance and target acquisition, and the Command and Service Battery are located in Lévis. The 58th Field Artillery Battery (formerly Air Defense) is located in Val Bel-Air. Finally, the 59th Field Artillery Battery is located in Montmagny. The 6th Field Artillery Regiment is the first artillery regiment in Canada to be commanded by a woman : Lieutenant-Colonel Chantal Bérubé.

Benefits of Joining

When you join our unit, you will receive competitive pay for your part time or full time work as well as be eligible for on the job training that could benefit you in civilian life. Also, there are medical, dental and educational benefits available to Army Reservists.

Here are all the details:

Command Team

  • Commanding Officer: Lieutenant-Colonel C. Bérubé, CD
  • Regimental Sergeant-Major: Chief Warrant Officer R.S. Bard, CD

Contact Us

1506, Ave des Affaires
Québec, QC  G3J 1Y8

10 Rue de l'Arsenal,
Lévis, QC  G6V 4P6

194 Ave de la Gare,
Montmagny, QC  G5V 2T6

Phone: 866-999-6722
Fax: 418-835-0337


Brigadier-General M.A.J. (Jennie) Carignan

Brigadier-General Jennie Carignan celebrates Women’s History Month

Montreal, Quebec — In Canada, October is Women’s History Month. I would like to pay tribute to all those women and men who preceded us and who believed in the contribution of women to the Canadian Armed Forces, encouraged it and supported it.
October 5, 2018

Private Hillary Warford

A summer of success – Full-time Army Reserve employment program attracts more job-seekers than projected

The summer of 2018 featured the inaugural run of the Canadian Army’s Full-time Summer Employment (FTSE) Program. Open to Reservists in their first four years of service, the program offered guaranteed summer employment and enjoyed great success, with 4,400 Reservists from across Canada accepting an offer; a return that exceeded projections.
September 13, 2018

Corporal Scott Sargent (far left) training with fellow members of the Calgary Highlanders

Joined at 40, Corporal Scott Sargent proves his mettle to younger generation

Calgary, Alberta — Military service is something many of us would put near the top of any list of things best-suited to the young, but one Canadian Army Reservist shows that age is less relevant than ability.
September 5, 2018

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Our History

The official history of 6th Field artillery Regiment can be found at the Directorate of History and Heritage website.

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