Canadian Rangers are considered trained on enrolment, which is based on the recognition that:

  • They are knowledgeable and personally equipped to survive and efficiently operate on the land;
  • They are intimately familiar with the local population, industries, terrain, weather and other conditions within their area;
  • They are able to recognize, observe and report on any unusual ships, aircraft or incidents within their area; and
  • In the opinion of the Commanding Officer of the Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (CRPG), they possess useful skills for duties in their area.

Canadian Rangers can chose to participate in two optional individual training courses:

  1. Basic Military Indoctrination Training (10 days), which includes:
  • General Canadian Ranger service knowledge;
  • How to function as a patrol member;
  • Canadian Armed Forces benefits and administrative requirements;
  • How to fire the service rifle; and
  • How to employ bush craft and first aid.
  1. Canadian Ranger Patrol Leaders Course (10 days), which includes:
  • Leading a patrol;
  • Conducting patrol administration; and
  • Conducting small arms ranges.

Canadian Rangers also receive 12 days of collective patrol sustainment training each year which may involve advanced levels of first aid, flood and fire evacuation, search and rescue, disaster assistance, communications, marksmanship exercises, navigation, and setting up bivouac sites. While they support Canadian Armed Forces tactical maneuvers and other operations as guides or terrain experts, they are not tactically trained.

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