New members of the Canadian Rangers undergo ten days of orientation training. No other training is mandatory. Additional training is required, however, for Canadian Ranger instructors and patrol leaders. Canadian Ranger training is flexible and may vary from patrol to patrol, or from one area of the country to another.

Common areas of training for all Canadian Rangers:

  • Flood or fire evacuation planning
  • Sovereignty patrols of Canada’s remote coastal areas
  • Major air disaster assistance
  • Self-sufficiency and leadership
  • Traditional skills –  which are defined according to the cultural and historical practices in the local community

In terms of “regular” Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) training, Canadian Rangers participate in marksmanship and learn about the history and traditions of the CAF.

Each Canadian Ranger Patrol undertakes a minimum of one field exercise per year. This training differs from one area to another and allow the Canadian Rangers to

  • Brush up on their skills;
  • Work as a team in a controlled environment;
  • Take inventory of wear-and-tear on issued equipment; and
  • Discuss new policy and directions with their patrol leaders.

Canadian Ranger exercises can last a few hours to a week or more depending on the skills being practiced.

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