Montreal Garrison

Badge and Motto

Montreal Garrison Crest

 “To serve” 


Colonel Sébastien Bouchard


Public Affairs Officer

Phone: (514) 252-2777
Ext. 4993

Aerial photo of the Montreal Garrison

Montreal Garrison houses units and functions as an administrative facility and an equipment depot.

About the Garrison

Created in 1941 in response to the need for a technical equipment depot that would serve the United Kingdom and Canada during the Second World War, today Montreal Garrison is divided into two sectors:

The north sector is administrative in nature and houses the headquarters of 2nd Canadian Division, 2nd Canadian Division Support Group, 4 Health Servics Group and Command Support Capability.

The south sector industrial in nature, primarily houses 25 Supply Depot, 202 Workshop Depot, 3 Canadian Support Group, 4 Canadian Forces Movement Control Unit and the headquarters of 34 Canadian Brigade Group, for a total of 16 lodger units.

Units and Formations

The Montreal and Saint-Jean garrisons have different formations and units, including 2nd Canadian Division Support Group and several integral and lodger units. 2nd Cdn Div Support Group is an organization of more than 4000 members (Regular, Reserve and civilian). Although its headquarters are in Montreal, 2nd Cdn Div Support Group scope of action extends to three garrisons:

  • Montreal
  • Saint-Jean
  • and Valcartier

and to more than 60 other facilities, the largest of which are Farnham, Saint-Hubert, the Saint-Bruno ranges and the Quebec City Citadel.

2nd Cdn Div Support Group, made up of 10 branches and units, is tasked with providing high-quality services to the 140 integral and lodger units, many of which are in the Montreal/Saint-Jean region, both on and off garrison.

There are also other satellite units or agencies (eg, Dental Unit, Family Centre, etc), some of which report directly to Ottawa, whose main role is to offer additional services to all integral and lodger units.

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