Saint-Jean Garrison

Badge and Motto

5 Area Support Group Garrison Badge

 “Serve with honour and perseverance


Colonel Hercule Gosselin


Public Affairs Officer

Phone: (450) 358-7099
Ext. 6163

Aerial photo of the Saint-Jean Garrison

Saint-Jean Garrison contains several military educational facilities.

About the Garrison

Saint-Jean Garrison is under the command of 2nd Canadian Division Support Group, which provides integrated support to expeditionary, domestic and institutional operations to support the mandates of Joint Task Force (East). The garrison supports several units, such as the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS), which trains more than 7000 recruits per year, as well as the Canadian Forces Language School, which is open to senior officers from foreign countries.

Since the start of the Force expansion in 2005, Saint-Jean Garrison has been full to capacity, and some of its units, such as 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group and the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Eastern), are housed in facilities belonging to the municipality of Saint-Jean.

Education and Training

The Collège militaire royal (CMR) de Saint-Jean is located in Old Saint-Jean. It reopened its doors in the spring of 2008 after having been closed for more than ten years. The new academic program implemented at CMR Saint-Jean allows officer cadets to obtain a college diploma (DEC) in two academic years. These students may then pursue their university education at the Royal Military College in Kingston or at a civilian university, depending on their program of study.

Officer cadet training is not currently one of the missions of CMR Saint-Jean. Canadian Armed Forces officers and non-commissioned members can continue their professional development through the various programs offered by the institution. For example, the Division of Continuing Studies offers a university-level distance-education program, while non-commissioned members have access to the different programs offered by the Non-Commissioned Member Professional Development Centre (NCMPDC). In addition, the Canadian Forces Management Development School (CFMDS) offers its courses to all CAF members.

Personnel Support Programs

The Canadian Forces Community Gateway is a series of linked websites (one for every base and wing) that provides a common national view of all local base/wing Non-Public Property (NPP) programs and activities including publicly-funded programs delivered through NPP. These are just some of the services available on the Community Gateway site:

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  • Health Programs
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