Petawawa Deployment Support Centre

The Petawawa Deployment Support Centre (DSC) located at the South Side Community Centre saw a reduction in services as of April 1, 2013.

The DSC's 1-877-218-9993 number will continue to operate; however, requests for support services should be forwarded to each member’s home unit’s rear party by contacting the Duty Officer (DO) 613-639-1356.  

Our Services

  • Administrative conduit between unit rear parties, Brigade, and families
  • Family Forms

Activities such as mail pick-up and delivery, unit briefings, family excursions will be no longer be available through the DSC. The Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre can provide the forms for the Emergency Family Care Plan and various other services listed below.

Family Forms

Can be obtained from Lieutenant Halawa at S-111 in room D-122. When completed the Family Form needs to be returned to Lt Halawa.

Operational Deployment Handbooks

Operational Deployment Handbooks. If you need a copy, please contact Lt Halawa at Ext. 2555.

Services Offered by the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre

The Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC) is available for Canadian Forces families experiencing separation while their soldier is away from home for an extended period of time, including courses, tasking, IR, field training exercise, and overseas deployments. Their services support Regular and Reserve Force, and their extended families.

  • Deployment Briefings
  • Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR)
  • Various Online Workshops
  • Operation Keep in Touch (OP KIT) Updates
  • Children’s Deployment Support Program (CDSP) (JK-Grade 8)
  • Youth Deployment Support Program (Grade 8 to 12) 
  • Deployment Outreach
  • Morale Mail

PMFRC Contact Numbers

  • Deployment Support Team - 613-687-2104, Monday to Friday, 0830hrs-1600hrs
  • Deployment Services Coordinator – 613-687-2104, Ext. 223
  • PMFRC Crisis Support - 613-687-2104, Ext. 224
  • Family Information Line (FIL) -1-800-866-4546, Monday to Friday, except on statutory holidays, from 8:00 to midnight Eastern Standard Time
  • Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP)  1-800-268-7708, 24 hours a day
  • Petawawa Duty Padre - 613-687-5511, Ext. 5611 (After Hours)
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