Army Lessons Learned Centre (ALLC)


To collect, analyse and communicate key Canadian and Allied land based observations and lessons in support of the Army Learning Process


The Canadian Army is a learning organization that routinely applies lessons identified from operations and training to effect institutional change.


The ALLC is mandated to collect observations and actionable lessons from operations at the tactical level. (Note: Numerous tactical lessons have operational and strategic implications)


  • Through the Army Learning Process, promote a learning culture in the Canadian Army.
  • Identify and monitor actions on Operational Lessons.
  • Identify and Monitor actions on Collective Training Lessons.
  • Exchange Lessons Learned with our Allies.
  • Effectively Communicate these Lessons to the CA and CAF.
  • Provide ALLC support to Doctrine and Capability Development.

Concept of Operations

The ALLC will collect observations from operations and training to effect institutional change in the CA through the Army Learning Process (ALP). The ALP is a command process. Army priorities for collection are derived from the command-driven Critical Topics List. Analysts will make use of a variety of sources and procedures to collect observations and regularly consolidate these Lessons Identified for Army command action under the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material and Policy lines of governance.  These lessons learned will be communicated to the Army by the chain of command, supported by ALLC communication means.

The Army Lessons Tracker

On our Intranet (DWAN) site we maintain a Web-based program (Sharepoint) which is a database of all observations and documents taken from national and international areas of operations and collective training events. This site allows us to store and track these items as well as to keep the members of the Canadian Army informed about trends and issues in the lessons learned community.



Dispatches is a publication that allows experienced soldiers, usually expert in a specific subject to address lessons learned on recent operations or training. The publication outlines new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) or best practices that have proven effective during operations or training. Each issue focuses on a major theme in line with the Army Critical Topics List. A series of DISPATCHES dedicated to capturing major lessons from Kandahar Afghanistan operations by Corps or capability is in production.


The BULLETIN provides soldiers the opportunity to share their experiences. The Bulletin publication is based on short articles for soldiers by soldiers and the articles may be on a wide variety of topics.


Our third method of disseminating information is through training posters. The posters are thematic in nature and briefly summarize items of interest from Post Operation Reports, Post Exercise Reports and other related documents.


Do you have an experience that others might benefit from? Would you (or others) like to see your name in print? Then submit an article to the Bulletin today on any subject concerning current Army activities such as; Operations, Training, Doctrine/TTPs/SOPs, Policy, Equipment

We would also like to hear your suggestions about topics for future publications and/or training posters. Any format (letter, memo or Email) is acceptable, however, if possible, electronic format is preferred. Length should be less than three typed pages or approximately 1000 words. Photos are appreciated, but not mandatory. If you do send photos electronically, they need to be in a separate document and a quality of at least 300dpi to facilitate publishing.

Requests for Information (RFIs)

Are you looking for information on a specific operation, exercise or topic? Use the contact information on our homepage to send us a request for information. Please understand that we will not be able to satisfy all requests as some of our material is not for public dissemination due to security considerations.

How to make a submission to the ALLC

Please refer to the Contact section below.



CFB/BFC Kingston:

613-541-5010 ext xxxx
CSN/RCCC 271-xxxx

Director: ext 4909
Assistant Director: ext 5117
Analyst: ext 4816 / ext 2469
SO Coordination: ext 4813


Canadian Army Lessons Learned Centre
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