Administering the fight

Article / August 16, 2016 / Project number: c-ar-sg16-admin

Administratively clearing in and keeping track of the hundreds of Canadian Army soldiers in Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 16 is a complicated but vital task. Reserve soldiers from all across Ontario converge on the 4th Canadian Support Base Petawawa from 13 to 26 Aug for summer collective training with their Regular Force counterparts. 

Soldiers’ military qualifications, travel details, and assignments on the exercise are all tracked by 13 clerks of the Reception Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) cell. The purpose of the RSOM process is to make sure that all personnel administration is verified correct so that soldiers have nothing to worry about except training.

“It’s been quite smooth, in terms of getting people through fast,” says Sergeant (Sgt) Chris Launder, one of the exercise’s RSOM clerks from Toronto’s 48th Highlanders of Canada. “The team could have processed a couple thousand soldiers, easy.”

The RSOM cell processed nearly 680 soldiers in a day. With the bulk of the Reserve Force moving on to training, the team will handle the small remainder before moving on to ongoing and redeployment administration later this week. 

Private (Pte) Lianne Mathews, a reservist from 31 Service Battalion based out of Hamilton, has been watching the process of soldiers clearing in and was impressed by the magnitude of the exercise. 

“The best part has been meeting different soldiers, really just the whole exercise itself – this is my first exercise of this size,” admits Mathews. “It was pretty cool seeing all the troops coming in yesterday and last night”.

Exercises such as STALWART GUARDIAN 16 are a piece of a larger effort to train and prepare soldiers within 4 Canadian Division to be the Canadian Army’s next high readiness Division. Efforts from soldiers such as Sgt Launder and Pte Mathews will enable the Division to move and respond to incidents anywhere in the world in a quick and decisive manner.

By Lieutenant Dan Mazurek, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Public Affairs Officer

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