Commander 5th Canadian Division on the Commemoration of the Halifax Explosion

Article / November 28, 2017 / Project number: 17-12-04-001

December 4, 2017 – Halifax, Nova Scotia  – 5th Canadian Division – Canada’s Army in Atlantic Canada

Brigadier General Derek Macaulay issued the following statement:

“On December 6, 2017 we will come together as a community to commemorate the centenary of the Halifax Explosion, a defining moment in our city's history. We will pause to remember those affected, the thousands who lost their lives and all who suffered in the wake of destruction. This commemoration gives us an opportunity to recognize all those who played a role in relief and recovery efforts and to honour the legacy of those who helped our community recover, rebuild and rise.

“Halifax has a long history as a garrison town. In 1917, there were approximately 5,000 soldiers, including 600 army doctors, nursing sisters and medical orderlies stationed in Halifax, along with Canadian, British and American sailors. Within minutes of the disaster, this group of well-trained, disciplined members sprang into action, searching for survivors and assisting the injured and those affected by the explosion. Halifax Armouries was even used as a temporary shelter and food distribution point for Haligonians left homeless and facing the onslaught of a bitter winter storm. 

Like our predecessors, the women and men of the 5th Canadian Division, located in 30 communities across the four Atlantic Provinces, stand ready to help their fellow Canadians in times of emergency and crisis. Most recently soldiers from the 5th Canadian Division supported civilian authorities in relief efforts in the Acadian Peninsula following a devastating ice storm in January 2017. Today, as then, Canada's Army and the Canadian Armed Forces continue to stand on guard and are strong, secure and engaged members of this vibrant community.”


Lieutenant-Commander Kelly Williamson Senior Public Affairs Officer
5th Canadian Division Headquarters

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