ARCHIVED - Korean War Newsreel: The Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders play hockey on the frozen Imjin

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Video / November 5, 2013 / Project number: 13-0122-3

Archival footage from a Canadian Army Newsreel featuring Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders playing hockey on the frozen Imjin River.


Fade up to archival film – Title on screen – “Department of National Defence presents, Korea Brigade, produced by Directorate of Public Relations (Army)

(Fade to wide shot of soldiers playing hockey on frozen Imjin River)

Narrator: All possible was done to care for the welfare of the men in this strange land which afforded none of the amenities to which they were accustomed at home.

(Cut to closer shot of soldiers playing hockey)

An outstanding success was the hockey rink, which with the advent of winter was built on the frozen Imjin River. Back on skates again,

(Cut to ground level shot of hockey game, large crowd of spectators are seen on other side of the ice)

the Canadians were in their element and hockey games were arranged for the various units in the brigade.

(Cut to shot of hockey players crawling on all fours on the ice)

One of the more amusing afternoons

(Cut to close up of puck drop, cut to hockey action and players fall down)

was provided by teams representing the Australian and New Zealand troops who donned the skates and played with right good will to the edification of a large crowd of their comrades.

While not up to the standards of Maple Leaf Gardens,

(Cut to wide shot of spectators)

the boys from down under put on a good show and were quick to pick up some of the more rugged aspects of the game.

(Music plays, cut to one player sitting on ice watching a small fight occurring in background where the referee is trying to keep two players apart)

Their efforts were certainly entertaining.

(Montage of shots over silly music, Australian and New Zealand players falling on ice, cut to close up of player falling. Dissolve to graphic “Korea Brigade, The end. Fade to black.)

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