Op UNIFIER BTR-80 (Video)

Video / December 5, 2016 / Project number: ncr-vid-16-0311-01-op-unifier


(Sound of engine running)

(Scene opens to a group of soldiers clustered around and on top of armoured transporters at an intersection in the countryside. Armoured transporters have Ukrainian flags on top)

 (Cut to a close up of a soldier standing at the front of an armoured transporter with his back to the camera)


Yep, yep!

(Waiving the armoured transporter forward)

(Solder walks around the side of the armoured transporter)

(Cut to scene of four armoured transporters in a field with soldiers clustered around them. One armoured transporter drives past the group)

(Cut to close up of armoured transported driving down the road and stopping)

(Sound of engine stops)

(Shot zooms out to show a soldier walking towards the armoured transporter)

(Sound of footsteps)

(Soldier stops and bangs on the armoured transporter)

(Cut to interior of armoured transporter. Close up shot of ammunition)

(Sound of soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Sound of soldiers loading ammunition)

(Cut to shot of soldier loading ammunition into guns inside the armoured transporter)

(Cut to scene of armoured transporter vehicle from the exterior)

(Turret of the armoured transporter vehicle readjusts and aims)

(Cut to interior of the armoured transporter. Sound of rapid gunfire)

(Cut to landscape view of the field surrounding the armoured transporter. Rounds fire at wooden targets)

(Cut to exterior of armoured transporter. See turret firing and hear rapid gunfire)

(Shot shifts to an angle showing the turret firing on field targets. Empty ammunition rounds bounce and roll off the top of the armoured transporter.)

(Succession of camera shots showing rounds fired on targets in the field from different angles)

(Cut to exterior of armoured transporter vehicle with turret firing on targets. An empty ammunition casing drops on the armoured transporter and rolls off)

(Sound of engine starts)

(Camera zooms out to show the armoured transporter vehicle driving away through the field shooting)

(Sound of rapid gunfire starts)

(Cut to interior shot of armoured transporter vehicle with soldiers crowded around the controls)

(Sound of soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to close up of one soldier peering through ocular instruments and aiming)

(Cut to the floor of the armoured transporter. Empty rounds fall to the floor)

(Cut to view of targets in the field as rounds fire on them)

(Cut to interior of armoured transporter. Soldiers work at their stations)

(Sound of soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Succession of scenes showing the armoured transporter firing rounds on targets in the field and soldiers communicating at their work stations in Ukrainian)

(Sound of rapid gunfire stops)

(Cut to scene of armoured transporter vehicle driving quickly through a field. Empty rounds roll off as it drives)

(Cut to shot of two armoured transporter vehicles driving toward the camera through the field)

(Sound of engine stops)

(Fade to black with Canadian Army tagline “Strong. Proud. Ready.”  in the center of the screen.  The Canadian Army visual identifier is in the bottom right corner)

(Fade to National Defence wordmark with copyright information: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of National Defence, 2016)

(Fade to Canada wordmark)

(Fade to black)



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