Op UNIFIER - Sharp Shooter (Video)

Video / December 5, 2016 / Project number: ncr-vid-16-0311-02-sharpshooter


(Open to scene of army vehicles in a wide field at a firing range. It is raining and soldiers are milling around vehicles.)

(Cuts to close up scene of soldiers lying on the ground holding rifles. Ukrainian Soldier loads his rifle, gestures and aims at unseen target)

(Cut zooms out to scene of Ukrainian soldiers on their bellies under a red flag – aiming at targets. One soldier fires. Sound of gunshot)

(Cut to view of the shot missing the Ukrainian soldiers’ target in the field. Target has a K on it)

(Cut to scene of soldiers sitting at tables behind others firing rifles. Soldiers are looking at targets through ocular instruments)

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Scene shifts to shot of a soldier with a Canadian flag on his uniform standing over two belly-down soldiers aiming at targets. Canadian Soldier directs them in Ukrainian)

(Cuts to shot of Ukrainian soldier’s hands as he reloads his rifle and takes aim)

(Side view of Ukrainian soldier as he fires his rifle again. Sound of gunfire.)

(Cuts to view of the shot missing the Ukrainian soldiers’ target in the field)

(Shifts back to side view of the Ukrainian soldier. Soldier sights though his scope, gestures at the target)

(Cuts to shot taken from behind soldiers lying belly-down on the ground. Soldiers aim at targets; Other soldiers sit at tables and watch through ocular instruments. )

(Ukrainian soldier fires. Sound of gunshot. Sound of bullet making contact with something metal.)



(Shot zooms in on the backs of two soldiers sitting at the table. A third soldier stands in front of the table watching the shooters.)

Canadian Soldier:

If he hasn’t hit the “K” yet, he has to re-mil it.

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to close up scene of Ukrainian soldier lying belly-down, aiming. A Canadian soldier next to him takes his  rifle, kneeling, and sights through the scope)

(Cuts to view of two soldiers at the table looking through ocular instruments.)

Canadian Soldier:

(Looking through ocular instrument)


(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to close up shot of Ukrainian soldier belly-down aiming at targets and looking through his scope, readjusting and aiming)

(Shot zooms out. Canadian soldier is kneeling beside two Ukrainian soldiers belly-down, aiming at targets)

(Shot zooms in on side view of Ukrainian soldier pulling the trigger on his rifle. Sound of a gunshot)

(Shot cuts to the tip of a rifle as it aims at the target. Rifle fires)

(Cut to side shot of soldiers lined up side by side, belly-down, aiming at targets. Soldiers fire. Sound of gunshots)

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to view of targets in the field. A bullet hits the farthest one)



(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to shot of soldiers looking through ocular instruments at the table while other soldiers lie on the ground aiming at targets. Some soldiers also stand beside the table watching.)

(Soldiers fire. Sound of bullet hitting something metal)

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)


Right log?

Canadian Soldier:

Yeah, right log.

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Cut to side close up of Ukrainian soldier aiming at target)



(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Ukrainian soldier reloads his rifle. Aims.)

(Soldiers speaking Ukrainian)

(Soldiers drop their rifles and move to stand)

(Fade to black with Canadian Army tagline “Strong. Proud. Ready.”  in the centre of the screen.  The Canadian Army visual identifier is in the bottom right corner)

Words appear on screen –


Sergeant Dwayne “George” Janes

Master Corporal Kurt Visser

(Fade to National Defence wordmark with copyright information: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of National Defence, 2016)

(Fade to Canada wordmark)



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