Operation NANOOK 2017 - Corporal Nicholas Huot

Article / August 24, 2017 / Project number: 17-0261

By Master Corporal Molly Woodgate, Unit Public Affairs Representative, 3 Intelligence Company

Goose Bay, Labrador — Corporal Nicholas Huot, originally from Truro N.S., is an Army Communications Information System Specialist (ACISS) currently deployed on Operation NANOOK in Goose Bay, Labrador. As an ACISS, he is responsible for combat net radios and fibre optic links in both tactical and strategic operations.

Operation NANOOK is Canada’s largest annual operation in the North where all three elements will operate together within the defence and security scenario and will conduct joint training objectives.

During Operation NANOOK, Cpl Huot’s role is to provide secure communications between the field location and the Headquarters. He says the operation has been going well with the different elements working together conducting joint operations. “It’s quite interconnected. We have the Army, Navy and Air Force all here doing different things, but at the same time working together,” said Cpl Huot.

Operation NANOOK marks Cpl Huot’s first time in Labrador during the summer. He’s been here in the winter for the Army’s annual artic winter Exercise STALWART GOOSE. His favourite part of deploying north is interacting with the different communities across Labrador.

“We played a game of hockey, they were super friendly. I got a pair of artic mitts for my fiancé,” he said.

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