Precision Guidance Kit (video)

Video / November 21, 2016 / Project number: 16-0275-01


(Fade in to scene of soldiers preparing a round on the ground in an open field)

(Metal sound of soldier screwing a Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) onto the round)

(Cut to close up of Major Travis Maxwell in a field with a tent and guns behind him)

Major Travis Maxwell -  PGK Trial Director

The Precision Guidance Kit is a new capability for the artillery. It’s very similar to a normal artillery fuse that we would use in operations, but it’s different in a few respects which make it important.

(Cut to scene of soldier preparing artillery round with PGK on it, as other soldiers stand at their work stations in preparation to fire)

 (voiceover)That is, that it uses GPS to determine its location and it uses canard fins on the front to be able to steer the round to the target area

(soldier lifts the round and carries it to the gun, loading it)

(Shot zooms out, scene of soldiers standing around the gun preparing to fire)


*Yelling* Fire!

(Soldiers work to fire the gun)

(Sound of gun firing)

(Cut to a black and white still of soldiers firing the gun again. Soldiers and scenery are still, but the gun fires. Smoke and flame burst from the gun as the round looses)

(voiceover) We are going to be able to engage closer to friendly troops…

(Cut to black and white shot of gun tip. Camera follows the round closely as it flies through the air)

(voiceover) – closer than we can with normal conventional unguided ammunition.

(Cut to close up of Major Travis Maxwell)

The PGK provides an additional safety mechanism built into the fuse, so that if it is not within the target area, it will not function. This is another benefit that comes along with it being GPS-guided.

(Cut to scene of soldier preparing another round with a PGK)

(Voiceover) Finally, we should be able to engage smaller targets with less ammunition.

(Soldier finishes attaching the PGK and lifts the round)

(voiceover) The requirement for less ammunition means less demand on our logistics and an increased mobility for fire support throughout the area of operations.

(Soldier carries the round to the gun and loads it)

(Fade to black with Canadian Army tagline “Strong. Proud. Ready.”  in the centre of the screen.  The Canadian Army visual identifier is in the bottom right corner)

(Fade to National Defence wordmark with copyright information: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of National Defence, 2016)

(Fade to Canada wordmark)

(Fade to black)



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