The Canadian Army’s newest Regular Force Brigade now at full strength

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News Release / April 5, 2018 / Project number: 18-03-26-ccsb-toca-nr

April 5, 2018 – Oromocto, New Brunswick – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Army (CA) now has its fourth fully enabled Regular Force brigade, a first for Atlantic Canada’s 5th Canadian Division. This Brigade, which integrates both Regular and Reserve force soldiers, will force-generate the capabilities needed for a strong and agile military to meet today’s complex and modern challenges, as outlined in Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy.

The Canadian Combat Support Brigade (CCSB) welcomed three more Regiments to its formation, fulfilling key operational capabilities, including tactical-level Information Operations, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Target Acquisition, including Land Electronic Warfare; and general construction engineering.

A transfer of command ceremony at the 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, which was presided over by the Commander of the Canadian Army, Lieutenant-General P.F. Wynnyk, saw 4 Engineer Support Regiment, 4th Artillery Regiment (General Support), and 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment joining the ranks of CCSB.

The CCSB has been under the command of the 5th Canadian Division since October 2017 and with the addition of the three newest Regiments, it is now a full-enabling force. By joining these three Regiments together alongside the Influence Activities Task Force and the Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment, the CA’s ability to anticipate and better understand potential threats to Canada and Canadian interests has been enhanced. The CA’s newest Brigade will help to increase our ability to identify, prevent or prepare for, and respond to, a wide range of contingencies.



 “I am honoured to be a part of today’s event to witness the Canadian Combat Support Brigade reach its full operational capability. The units that are joining its ranks increase the Brigade’s already wide range of capabilities and I look forward to seeing them develop, grow and enable successful operations in Canada and around the world while representing the Mighty Maroon Machine, the 5th Canadian Division.”
Brigadier-General Derek A. Macaulay, Commander, 5th Canadian Division

Quick Facts

The Canadian Combat Support Brigade is the first Regular Force brigade to serve under the command authority of the 5th Canadian Division. Its core mandate is to oversee the training, development, and employment of the Canadian Army’s key operational support functions which include:

  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance – the collection and management of information on the operational environment.
  • Information Operations – information-related activities that are planned and conducted to have behavioural effects in support of a mission.
  • Operational Support – elements of support that facilitate all forms of military operations, including general support engineering and artillery.   

The Canadian Combat Support Brigade is now at full fighting force and has the following Units and Regiments under its command:

  • Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment (CA Int Regt) – Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario. 
  • Influence Activities Task Force (IATF) – Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario.
  • 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) – Located in Kingston, Ontario.
  • 4th Artillery Regiment (General Support) (4 Regt (GS)) – Located in Gagetown, New Brunswick.
  • 4 Engineer Support Regiment (4 ESR) – Located in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  

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