MCpl Osborne receives her promotion to Master Corporal from Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Plourde

Equipping Junior Rangers with solutions and self-esteem

Harrington Harbour, Quebec — Master Corporal Rowena Osborne has a variety of occupations and responsibilities on her resume: work with National Defence, as a Canadian Ranger and as helicopter cargo crew; but it is her work with the Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) that brings her the most joy.

Major Craig Gardner, Army Ethics Officer, leads a Unit Ethics Coordinator Course

There is no standing down when it comes to sexual misconduct in the Canadian Army

Ottawa, Ontario  — Strong, proud, and ready bystanders are the weapons of choice in the Canadian Army effort to incapacitate Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (HISB), according to the Canadian Army Ethics Officer, Major Craig Gardner.

Soldiers protect themselves as an explosive charge

Operation REASSURANCE lives up to its name

Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland  — As its name suggests, Operation REASSURANCE seeks to let our allies in Central and Eastern Europe know that Canada and the rest of their NATO partners will be there and ready should the need arise. Two Canadian Army (CA) officers who have participated in Rotation (ROTO) 5, which is the current Land Task Force (LTF), are calling their six-month tour a success.

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