Two Canadian Army soldiers dressed in camouflage stand in front of a large piece of military communications equipment and address a small group of young people dressed in civilian street clothing.

New program shows potential Army recruits what soldiering is all about – in just 10 short weeks

Halifax, NS — A new Canadian Army (CA) program that offers interested Canadians a hands-on, no-strings-attached introduction to Army life is being expanded following a successful trial run on the East coast. The Army Civilian Engagement (ACE) program launched in April 2015. It was implemented by 5th Canadian Division (5 Cdn Div) in Gagetown, New Brunswick and 36 Canadian Brigade Group (36 CGB) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It offers a 10-week introduction to soldiering with an opportunity to join the Primary Reserve Force.

A group of six members of the Canadian Rangers dressed in red baseball caps and red hooded sweatshirts lay on the ground and aim long, wood-stocked rifles down a firing range.

Canadian Rangers approve of smaller, more powerful new rifles

Yellowknife, NWT — The Canadian Rangers are welcoming the addition of a smaller, more powerful rifle to their arsenal.

A group of dignitaries stand in line on a hockey rink behind two hockey players preparing to drop the hockey puck to start a game of hockey.

Imjin Classic commemorates historic 1952 Korean War hockey game

Ottawa, Ontario —Two Canadian Army Regiments faced off at the Canadian Tire Centre on September 26, 2015 to commemorate a historic hockey game played on the frozen Imjin River in South Korea over 60 years ago.

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