Corporal (Retired) Marelene Clyke

One of the first Black Canadian women soldiers tells her story

Halifax, Nova Scotia — “You couldn’t get a job in a store or anywhere if you were Black, so we joined the Reserves,” said Corporal (Retired) Marelene Clyke.

Augering hole in the ice

Canadian Rangers Ocean Watch program assisting Arctic research

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories — Canadian Rangers are assisting the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in gathering data that a DFO report says will offer “unprecedented” views of Arctic waters.

Captain Felix Odartey-Wellington

Keen Reservist blends civilian professor and military skills, benefiting both

Sydney, Nova Scotia — In his working life, Captain Felix Odartey-Wellington happily juggles and blends two very different yet complementary careers, one requiring a Canadian Army (CA) uniform and one for which he wears a suit and tie.

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