Canadian Rangers support Alberta flood relief operations

Article / June 11, 2020 / Project number: 20-0077

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By Lieutenant Natasha Tersigni, 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Public Affairs Officer

Fort Vermilion, Alberta — When spring flooding forced more than 450 Fort Vermilion, Alberta residents from their homes, members of the local Canadian Ranger Patrol answered a request to support relief operations.

The Rangers worked with municipal officials from April 26 to May 5, 2020 to carry out tasks such as setting up roadblocks and checkpoints, helping residents evacuate, monitoring flood levels and critical infrastructure, assisting with door-to-door evacuation notices, and staffing the community Emergency Operations Centre.

Once the floodwaters began to recede from the community, and the river began to stabilize to normal spring levels, the Rangers assisted with the clean-up and helped evacuated residents return home.

“As Canadian Rangers, we are ready, able and committed to serving our community,” explained Ranger Sergeant Tom Simpson, Patrol Commander for the Fort Vermilion Ranger Patrol. “By assisting municipal officials with a variety of flood relief efforts, we are ensuring that our neighbours and fellow Fort Vermilion residents remain supported during difficult times.”

For their dedication and commitment during the 10-day operation, the Rangers were recognized by the Fort Vermilion RCMP detachment and given RCMP “K” Division commemorative coins.

The Canadian Rangers are a part of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reserve working in remote, isolated and coastal regions of Canada. They provide lightly equipped, self-sufficient mobile forces to support CAF national security and public safety operations within Canada.

They regularly support domestic disaster and relief operations for floods, wildfires, and other disasters, under the Operation LENTUS banner.

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