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Quo fas et gloria ducunt

The Royal Canadian Artillery Band provides music for military parades and ceremonial occasions, formal concerts, government functions, tattoos, and special events. The RCA Band performs as a 35 piece Brass / Reed Parade Band, a 35-piece Concert Band, as well as in various smaller configurations:

  • The RCA Pipes & Drums
  • Jazz Big Band: The Rhythm Gunners
  • 10 Piece Ensemble: The Windage Salon Orchestra
  • The Pop/Rock Band: Soul Orchestra
  • The Small Jazz Ensembles: Jazz Task Force

Chamber groups:

  • The Woodwind Quintet
  • The Brass Quintet
  • The Heavy Artillery Clarinet Quartet

Join Our Team

The Directorate of History and Heritage - Music has announced the following auditions for Regular Force musicians in the CAF:

  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Trumpet
  • Tenor Trombone
  • Bass Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Guitar (Electric/Acoustic)
  • Violin

For information regarding career opportunities as a full-time military musician in the CAF, visit the Directorate of of History and Heritage website.

Please note!

The Royal Canadian Artillery Band has numerous employment opportunities for the period of 13 Sep – 10 Dec 2016. All Reserve Force bagpipes, pipe band snare and bass drum, brass, woodwind, percussion and rhythm section musicians are invited to apply.

For those seeking to fulfill training requirements (FORCE Test, First Aid, DND 404, etc), opportunities may exist to complete training during the employment period. Res F QL Satellite testing is available, pending approval from all appropriate authorities.

This contract will include participation in commemoration ceremonies in France for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

The Commanding Officer of The RCA Band will select appropriate personnel based on musical requirements of the RCA Band.

Submission Requirements:

1. 10-15 mins of audition material, including contrasting styles, recorded within three months of the date of submission. Material may be submitted in the following formats: CD, MP3 files or a link to a YouTube upload (video not required). For pipe band snare/bass, it is recommended that any auditions are accompanied by a bagpiper for reference.

2. A signed letter of authenticity from a person of authority (Professor, Dean, Director of Music, Pipe Major, etc), confirming that the material submitted is a true representation of the auditioning candidate's musical abilities; and

3. A resumé detailing musical and military experience.

4. Full name, rank, SN, unit, and personal contact information. The contact information for the following: Band Officer, Unit CO, and a support staff member (Chief Clerk or Cell Clerk of your unit) will greatly assist in the hiring process as well.

5. All submissions must be received by 1600 MST 9 Aug 2016. Please note that the DND firewall will block emails exceeding 10 MB in size. Music tracks may need to be submitted in multiple emails and document text embedded in the body of the email to ensure reliable transmission. The DND firewall will also prevent access to remote downloading – the use of Dropbox, Google drive and similar methods of submission are strongly discouraged.

Enquiries and electronic submissions to:

Sgt Douglas, 780-973-4011 ext 2934,

For courier delivery: The RCA Band; Edmonton Garrison; Bldg 407 (LTF) Annex B entry, corner of Vimy Ave & Korea Road

For regular mail: The RCA Band; PO Box 10500 Stn Forces; Edmonton AB T5J 4J5

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The historical roots of The Royal Canadian Artillery Band (RCA) you see today are traced primarily from The RCA Band formed in Montreal in 1968. The complete history, however, dates much further back, as there were many artillery bands existing simultaneously from as early as 1879.

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The RCA Band
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T5J 4J5

780-973-4011 ext 2924

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