Book the SkyHawks

To book the SkyHawks for an event, please fill out the booking request form. After we’ve reviewed your request, we will send you a copy of the Organizer’s Guide.

It is imperative that we make contact with a knowledgeable individual who can coordinate our visit. We ask that you identify such an individual as our prime contact before, during, and after our visit. It is critical to the success of your show that you appoint only one contact person for the SkyHawks. This will mitigate any confusion that can arise when dealing with more than one person or an entire event organizational committee.

The SkyHawks are usually comprised of 16 service personnel from a variety of trades and professions within the Canadian Armed Forces' Regular and Reserve components. The standard Demonstration Team usually has 14 jumpers, a two-person ground crew, and a two-to-three person aircrew who will travel to the show site.

A team show usually consists of three passes of parachutists exiting the aircraft 6000 feet above ground level. The jumpers will activate their main parachutes upon exit; perform daring canopy formations trailing smoke canisters during descent on their way to landing at the designated location.

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