Trainees - 2nd Canadian Division Training Centre


This page contains useful information for individuals who will soon take or are now taking courses at 2nd Canadian Division Training Centre (2 Cdn Div TC).

Since you take your future in the Canadian Armed Forces seriously and hope to successfully complete the course that you are or will soon be taking, the TC makes a commitment to providing you with quality training that is as tailored as possible to the needs of your occupation.

To help you prepare, you will find useful information and tools below.

Rules of behaviour at 2 Cdn Div TC

Here are a few rules of discipline at 2 Cdn Div TC:

  • Salute officers at all times. If you do not have headgear, you must stand with arms straight.
  • Respect of superior officers: You must stand at attention when speaking to them.
  • Always follow instructions from the chain of command.
  • Impeccable dress and deportment (3D: Drill, Dress and Discipline).
  • Ensure proper dress in the kitchen.
  • No mix of civilian and military dress.

You will receive other rules and instructions on site.

Preparing for your training

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you successfully complete your course:

Physical condition

  • Be in good physical condition; be adequately prepared.
  • The FORCE test is a good start, but most of the courses at 2 Cdn Div TC will be more demanding physically.
  • Before you arrive at 2 Cdn Div TC, you must inform your chain of command of any medical problems that could prevent you from successfully completing the course.


  • Have all the necessary equipment, as listed in the joining instructions.
  • If you have lost any pieces of equipment, it is important that you inform your unit supervisor so that a loss report is initiated in your unit, if need be.
  • Check the condition of your equipment.
  • Label your equipment with your name.
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