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August 2021 Update

We are planning our return to the skies in 2022!

If you’d like to host the SkyHawks at your public event next year, please ensure your request is received as soon as possible! Click on the “Book the team” link.

If you’re a Canadian Armed Forces member interested in joining the SkyHawks and representing the CAF through exciting parachute performances, click the “How to Join” link.

2021 SkyHawks season cancelled

The Canadian Armed Forces has cancelled the 2021 Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team performance season as a result of public health and other considerations related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SkyHawks demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, dedication and teamwork through daring parachute performances at air shows, sporting events, and festivals across Canada between May and September each year. 

Assembling the team is a complex and difficult endeavour. Team members are selected early in the year and undergo extensive training prior to the start of the season to ensure the highest level of professionalism and proficiency allowing them to perform complex parachute manoeuvres safely.

The decision to cancel 2021 performances was made at this early juncture to provide prospective event organizers planning certainty and stability.

If safe to do so, the SkyHawks will look to resume parachute performances in 2022. It will be a landmark year as they celebrate 50 years of performances. The SkyHawks look forward to rekindling their strong relationship with event organizers and the Canadian public.

As always, the SkyHawks remain appreciative of the interest of the public and will endeavour to stay connected through digital media.

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